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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Firefox OS could actually be wildly successful, no matter how underwhelming the actual phones may be. And that's because - at least for now - you're not the customer; your carrier is." I'm extremely disappointed by Firefox OS so far. There's nothing wrong with the low-end hardware we've seen during MWC, but there is something wrong with low-end hardware that can't even properly run its operating system. To make matters worse, carriers are the boss here. Terrible first impression.
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I see the same memory gobbling behavior on firefox under both linux and windows.

As far as I can tell it's not related to what I'm doing, just a slow continuous leak of some sort that persists even after I close all but one tab.

about:memory doesn't look very meaningful to me, but right now with nothing but osnews open I see js-non-window at 80MB and js-main-runtime at 90MB. Everything else is much lower in comparison so a pure guess is that's it's a JS related leak. But for all I know it might be one of the plugins I've installed.

On my linux box it usually takes a week or two before firefox starts to crawl at a few gigs of ram. This happens regularly because the system is always on. On the windows side the computer is restarted every day, so although the memory usage climbs, it never becomes unusable.

I haven't tried chrome for comparison.

You can post your about:memory after you feel Firefox has slowed down after 2 weeks. Maybe in a bug to Mozilla or in the forums. Look up project snappy because they would be really interested.

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As a dev myself I'd feel it necessary to take out all the variables by turning off all the plugins and confirming the leak still exists. I'm not thrilled at running without adblock/ghostery/firebug for a week.

I'd be kind of surprised if they aren't already aware of the problem, so it's probably a matter of finding a similar bug and saying "me too".

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But what is his bug report? "It slows down after a week of usage" Could a developer do something with this?

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