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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless At TechCrunch, Jolla's CEO Marc Dillon explains why his company will focus on China, Finland, and the rest of Europe first, ignoring the US. "The US market is not on the radar as yet, as he says the patent landscape there 'raises a barrier' of entry to newcomers (he's especially critical of overly aggressive use of design patents)." Considering the patent mess in the US is only getting worse, expect to see more of this in the future. Jolla is making a wise decision by ignoring the US - as a young technology company, you're far better off focusing your attention elsewhere.
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Oh my God, this is hilarious ;)

there's a massive shortage of doctors


long waiting lists

Sure, there are long waiting lists sometimes but it's not like the U.S system doesn't have them.

and "death panels"

Ok, wait, hold on. Seriously???
Death Panels?? For real?
Are you sure you're not living in North Korea? Did the Berlin wall just relocate to the Canada/U.S border?

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I'm pretty sure I am living in North Korea.

There's very little difference between radical Corporatism and radical Communism.

The US is a radical Corporatist state.

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I'm pretty sure I am living in North Korea.

I still have my doubts.

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There a lot of rubbish said about the NHS in the USA.

They even claimed that Stephen Hawking would be dead if he was being taken care of by the NHS.

Hawking actually called bullshit himself on it.

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