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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Canonical has today publicly confirmed that they are working on a new cross-platform displayer server for Ubuntu. Called 'Mir', the X Window Server replacement is tasked with 'enabling development of the next generation Unity'. Which, in yet another about-turn, is to be rebuilt in Qt/QML." It'll be used for all Ubuntu variants (phone, tablet, desktop), and the first version will be released come May.
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It's a very good and natural thing: evolution.

I just hate it when people start screaming: no, nobody else does that, it's non-conformant, evil, etc etc.

I'd like for the so-called distributions to evolve into independent fully fledged os'es, not just another "distros".

I.e. just like Android. Nobody calls it a linux distro. And that's a good thing.

Ubuntu apps, Ubuntu desktop environment, Ubuntu desktop server, Ubuntu operating system. Nice.

And Qt. Couldn't be a much better example of a match made in heavens.

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Ubuntu apps, Ubuntu desktop environment, Ubuntu desktop server, Ubuntu operating system. Nice.

That is only if you like an Ubuntu everywhere world and if only Ubuntu gets the brunt of the developers working in the ecosystem.

If it becomes Ubuntu OS and apps, Fedora OS and apps, OpenSUSE OS and apps, Mageia OS and apps, Arch OS and apps, etc. We'd be worse of than today where GNU/Linux still scratches the single digits n the desktop.

It is exiting in a geek kind of way, but this doesn't do anything for the much needed unification in the lower levels of Linux' plumbing.

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Ubuntu wants to become a desktop Android, a platform friendly for commercial, closed source software.
Present free desktop efforts failed at that, among others because the OS/Distro split that has marginalized Linux as a platform.
The situation you've described has defacto existed for commercial developer for years due to pointless distro incompatibilities on system level and lack of backward compatibility. Canonical is simply catering to the reality and sitting in the driver seat.
The remaining distros will remain as they are in the semi coherent free desktop world, while ubuntu might get to become a true platform. The free apps will eventually get ported to it.

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