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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Canonical has today publicly confirmed that they are working on a new cross-platform displayer server for Ubuntu. Called 'Mir', the X Window Server replacement is tasked with 'enabling development of the next generation Unity'. Which, in yet another about-turn, is to be rebuilt in Qt/QML." It'll be used for all Ubuntu variants (phone, tablet, desktop), and the first version will be released come May.
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NIH Syndrome!
by intangible on Mon 4th Mar 2013 19:55 UTC
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At first I thought this was just another case of NIH from Ubuntu, but after giving it some thought and reading their reasoning, I think it's a good idea, especially from the security of input events perspective.

There are problems with X that just aren't easily addressable because of unforeseen architecture decisions (hot-plug GPU swapping, input events security, etc), hence the perpetual "just around the corner" Wayland. That said, building a display server that can use the Android drivers is a great idea that short-circuits the problem of getting Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and others on-board.
They're also implementing a rootless X server for backwards compatibility, and it can support Wayland clients if someone feels strongly enough to write the code to support it.

Since Wayland is perpetually 12 months away, and Android's SurfaceFlinger already has vendor support (better than has even), so we're not really getting any typical fragmentation problems here.

I'm also a big fan of QML, especially since the Gnome devs went bonker-nuts with Gnome 3 decisions, so pretty excited about that too.

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RE: NIH Syndrome!
by shmerl on Mon 4th Mar 2013 20:17 in reply to "NIH Syndrome!"
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I'm not so sure we aren't getting any fragmentation problems here.

What about drivers development? Will their server share the same drivers with Wayland or not? If not, it's going to be a horrible fragmentation bordering on intentional diversion. Nvidia excused their lack of Wayland support with waiting for wider adoption. With this move by Canonical they just won't release it at all.

Of course if drivers could be shared - this can be avoided.

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RE[2]: NIH Syndrome!
by intangible on Mon 4th Mar 2013 20:22 in reply to "RE: NIH Syndrome!"
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Ah, but that was my point, the vendors are already supporting Android's SurfaceFlinger, Mir is somewhat/mostly? compatible from the driver stand-point, so it actually reduces complexity if it gets adopted over X and Wayland (which has almost no vendor support yet).

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RE[2]: NIH Syndrome!
by Nelson on Mon 4th Mar 2013 20:23 in reply to "RE: NIH Syndrome!"
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More importantly, more drivers exist for SurfaceFlinger than exist for Wayland because of Android. If anything, Android is the standard, not Wayland.

Both are unproven, and its a big risk for Ubuntu, but lets not pretend like Wayland has critical mass or clout at this stage in the game.

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