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Hardware, Embedded Systems Steve Mann on his 35-year history building and wearing computerised eyewear. "Was it blind luck (pardon the expression) that I was wearing this vision-enhancing system at the time of the accident? Not at all: I have been designing, building, and wearing some form of this gear for more than 35 years." Glass has the potential to have a huge impact on the world - and just like with the advent of the mobile phone, people are afraid, cynical, and unable to see the possibly huge benefits of systems like this.
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I laughed my ass off when I read this post. This guy has come and gone for decades and he's looking for a moment in the sun. But his best story about the benefit of wearable computing required him accidentally getting run over. Seriously! You can't write comedy like that.

Obviously, Google Glass works differently and you wouldn't need to have a car crush your expensive electronic prosthetic so that it would capture a still from a live video feed, but in this day and age... when I hear someone driving INTO my house, the first thing I am going to do is run outside with my smartphone, camera already ready.

His other examples are cooler but not anywhere on Google's map since it requires multiple video inputs being processed live and beamed directly into the user's vision (which requires a mount of near surgical precision).

Otherwise, his most relevent stories are about getting harassed, browbeaten, groped, manhandled by people who are repulsed, frightened, ignorant, or scared.

If this guy is the poster child for wearable computing, Google should rethink putting up the posters.

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