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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "HP, the worlds biggest PC vendor as of 2012, has today launched a brand new all-in-one PC running Ubuntu. But the real 'wow' factor comes from its pricing. At just GBP 349 HP have pitched the PC well within the reach of your average consumer. A similar, though not identical, model is also available with Windows 8 priced at GBP 499."
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Options are always nice.
by tkeith on Wed 6th Mar 2013 11:12 UTC
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I'm thoroughly convinced that some people are never happy. The thought that big names like HP and Dell would be putting out Linux boxes would have been unheard of just a few years ago. If you truly want the end of Windows dominance you have to support the change. Just because Ubuntu is starting to use other "non-standard" components in their software stack doesn't mean they aren't open source and beneficial to the community.

About 4 years ago Dell came out with their mini 9 with Ubuntu and I put my money where my mouth is and bought one specifically with Ubuntu. Now the hardware durability and software support were not world class, but I hopefully helped show that there is a market for non-windows PCs. If I needed a new desktop I would seriously consider this.

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RE: Options are always nice.
by REM2000 on Wed 6th Mar 2013 14:36 in reply to "Options are always nice."
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i agree i think the good thing is that a company like HP who isn't doing that well int the hardware / desktop biz is putting out a Linux machine. I think that the large amount of RAM will offset the processor, obviously this is an internet type terminal, facebook and stuff should be ok on it.

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RE: Options are always nice.
by backdoc on Wed 6th Mar 2013 15:33 in reply to "Options are always nice."
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I agree completely. I hadn't seen your reply when I wrote mine (

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