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Windows After ditching its Windows RT tablets from the US market, Samsung has now also confirmed to it's going to stop selling them in Germany and several other European countries. The company cites lack of interest from consumers and confusion over what Windows RT is. Combined with the massive discounts Microsoft is now giving to OEMs, the writing is on the wall here: Windows 8 - specifically on tablets but also in general - is turning into a failure.
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"Some people are indeed very impressionable, but others are highly non-impressionable. You may find plenty of items in Thom's house that he was subconsciously instructed to purchase but you'd be hard-pressed doing that in my house.

How do you know that? The whole idea of being subconsciously persuaded to do something is that YOU'RE NOT AWARE that you're being manipulated.

Like many people, I decide what I like, prefer, and want to purchase based on my own criteria & justifications. Unlike the type of person you're describing who tends to be thoughtless and easily persuaded.

Advertising is certainly manipulative, but it is not magical. To think that everybody who is exposed to advertising is hypnotized either consciously or subconsciously is silly at best. There's no getting around the fact people are individuals and that alone means advertising can not be 100% effective.

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Eh, that shit is sneaky ;) I've found myself at times craving a certain food, and then remember I heard an ad about it a little earlier in the day. Who knows what kind of subtle effects advertising has that we're not even aware of. Advertisers wouldn't be paying millions if most people were immune to it. Personally? I'd rather just avoid it altogether.

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