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Microsoft One of the major lacking features in the newest Office: no Metro applications. In fact, the only reason Windows RT has a desktop at all is because the Office team was unable to create Metro applications in time for the release of Windows RT. I often thought this was a classic case of two important divisions within Microsoft not getting along and not being aligned, but now that I have my own Surface RT, I'm starting to realise that there's a far simpler, and thus more likely, explanation: Metro is simply not ready for anything serious - or for anything at all, really.
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Comment by Luminair
by Luminair on Thu 7th Mar 2013 02:45 UTC
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Windows on arm is pretty pointless now. It was needed 9 years ago. Now we have x86 cores that use power like arm ones, and in a year they won't stink.

Microsoft has almost always been rich enough to screw up this badly. Windows RT as we know it will die and life will go on.

I look forward to a Asus convertible that can dual boot android and windows x86, and also run both virtualized inside each other. Sounds crazy but the tech isn't far off. Same for having your x86 windows on your phone.

The sacrifices of windows on arm put it too far behind to catch up before Intel atom slays it.

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RE: Comment by Luminair
by Nelson on Thu 7th Mar 2013 03:50 in reply to "Comment by Luminair"
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I've been thinking on this more:

I think that Windows RT may be a great fit for 7inch tablets that Windows Blue is rumored to be.

While x86 has caught up to the profiles of 10inch tablets, it isn't there yet when it comes to smaller device sizes.

It also conveniently addresses the issue of Windows RT not being able to run legacy Windows programs. No one is really interested in running Encarta '97 on a 7inch tablet anyway.

That way we let Intel's increasingly "Good enough" chips to take over the mid to high range like it was intended.

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RE: Comment by Luminair
by tanzam75 on Thu 7th Mar 2013 07:29 in reply to "Comment by Luminair"
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Microsoft has almost always been rich enough to screw up this badly. Windows RT as we know it will die and life will go on.

I'm not even sure that Microsoft wasted that much money on Windows RT.

Remember that Microsoft announced the ARM port shortly after killing the Itanium build. They were already paying these people to maintain a port for an unpopular CPU architecture, so why not have them target an architecture that was actually popular?

The bigger investment was probably Surface. But a lot of the R&D was shared with Surface Pro.

In a lot of ways, Windows RT came "for free" along with the other stuff that they did.

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RE: Comment by Luminair
by MisterKat on Thu 7th Mar 2013 15:58 in reply to "Comment by Luminair"
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I would have to agree. I have kept in touch with a former colleague who purchased a Surface RT and she hasn't been impressed. The lack of Silverlight is a particular bugbear for her *personal* needs.

I picked up an Asus Vivotab Atom based tablet about a week ago and have found it genuinely more pleasant to use than my Transformer Prime. No matter which browser I try on the Prime, I am unhappy with the responsiveness of the experience. The Verge is one website that particularly springs to mind. I've tried Chrome and Firefox. Opera isn't optimized for 1080p sadly.

I have been very happy with the Atom device. Metro IE handles everything I throw at it and is very responsive (although it /does/ pause occasionally). I also have Chrome if I so wish (which is my preferred Windows desktop browser)

YouTube video is consistently excellent and the few games I've tried seem fine as well.

WOA is a distraction. I wonder if it was a political thing...

"Hey, Intel sort it out or we'll start using this..."

Windows RT should be left to quietly die (or become Windows Phone, which IMHO has been the plan all along)

From an Administration POV, AD join and GPO are also a pretty big deal for me. I fully understand that a lot of people here couldn't care less though!

I'll install Office 2K13 for Outlook, but I don't expect to use the device for creation, merely consumption.

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