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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "HP, the worlds biggest PC vendor as of 2012, has today launched a brand new all-in-one PC running Ubuntu. But the real 'wow' factor comes from its pricing. At just GBP 349 HP have pitched the PC well within the reach of your average consumer. A similar, though not identical, model is also available with Windows 8 priced at GBP 499."
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RE[2]: For a desktop system
by Kivada on Thu 7th Mar 2013 05:39 UTC in reply to "RE: For a desktop system"
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Neither is the iMac, but there is no excuse for putting a netbook class CPU in a desktop box.

I'm saying is that there is a void in the market, and nobody is willing to fill it as everyone wants to use the most bare ass minimum hardware available and call it a day creating machines that are likely to be slower then what most people already have.

The E2-1200 is too slow for 1080p video and will likely struggle with high bitrate 720p unless they included a Broadcom CrystalHD BCM70015 in there to offload it since you don't have proper video acceleration yet with AMD GPUs and likely wont until at least the HD8000 drops as they claimed some time back that they where working on redoing the way the video acceleration was implemented so that they could allow for them to have something like VA-API or VDPAU to actually work.

Couple that with a GPU thats barely passable for only about half of the currently available games just wreaks of a terrible user experience and thus poor sales.

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RE[3]: For a desktop system
by BushLin on Thu 7th Mar 2013 09:30 in reply to "RE[2]: For a desktop system"
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Chill out, the GPU is more than capable of 1080p video, a cheap ass card from years ago can accelerate h.264 at high bitrate and resolution.

I'm sorry this isn't a PC for you, I wouldn't buy one either but complaining it won't play games properly is missing the point. This is a cheap machine for big screen browsing and e-mail, that's all most people need. Looks good value to me for all the features you get if you'd look past the clock rates and GPU grunt.

Keep in perspective that AMD have a 28nm replacement for this chip in the coming months (Kabini) that's a complete low power SoC, I'm sure HP are getting the current chips for a steal and will have something to follow this up with (rather than just adding further features to an E-350).

I'm not saying that it won't be a failure, maybe they'll not properly set up acceleration or Ubuntu will push out updates which break important things but if won't fail for the reasons you state.

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RE[4]: For a desktop system
by Kivada on Fri 8th Mar 2013 06:50 in reply to "RE[3]: For a desktop system"
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OK, so what combo of kernel, and drivers allows XvBA to run? Have I missed something when it comes to AMD's drivers?

Because last I checked while the hardware is more then capable of it the drivers on Linux still don't have the ability to make use of the GPU's video codec offloading capabilities. Else every video you play is going to have to be played on THE CPU, which this particular model is not exactly up to the task of doing since it's meant to be in a 9"-12.1" laptop.

Hence why I said you'd need a CrystalHD chip to make this thing a passable system for modern content.

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