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Legal "Apple vs. Samsung initially ended with a billion-dollar verdict in favor of Apple, but there have been plenty of wrinkles since. This week brought about another, as Nokia filed an amicus brief on behalf of Apple, Inc. in the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. In the brief filed Monday, Nokia asked the court to permit permanent injunctions on the sale of Samsung phones that were found to infringe Apple's patents." In the meantime, the latest comScore figures for the US show that Windows Phone's market share actually declined during the launch of Windows Phone 8. It's pretty clear that, combined with the disappointing quarterly results for Nokia, the company is setting itself up for the future. In this future, Nokia's patent portfolio is worth more than their actual phone business, and as such, Nokia can't do anything but support Apple in this case, else the value of their portfolio goes down.
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RE: It isn't about Samsung
by dsmogor on Thu 7th Mar 2013 12:07 UTC in reply to "It isn't about Samsung"
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As far as Poland is concerned I've seen 4 WP devices in the wild to date, and I'm a bit crazy about getting to know what people have. About 2 times less than HTC. Samsung is dominating. IOS devices are also not hard to come by but nowhere near Samsung.
The Nokia wp ad posters have been all over the place for about 8 months, and they very good exposure in operators shop windows (much much better than Apple for example).

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