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Games So, SimCity has been released - the fifth instalment in this venerable series of fantastic games. However, just as everyone suspected, the game has been completely ruined by the always-online DRM. So much so, in fact, that Amazon has ceased selling the game. Update: and it's only getting worse - EA has suspended all marketing efforts for SimCity, and has asked third parties to do the same. Wow.
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RE[2]: what companies listen to
by BushLin on Thu 7th Mar 2013 23:32 UTC in reply to "RE: what companies listen to"
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Maybe they'll still pay the bonuses if we pull the rug from under them but that'd speed up their demise.

EA will keep swallowing up all we know and love (game wise that is) and turn it into an online only, pay to progress, DLC which should be part of the thing you paid for but is strangely ready at release crapfest... unless we stop feeding them with cash.

Here's the list of online services EA have shut down

Some of these games are two years old, they were fleecing second hand buyers with charges to activate online play just weeks before they shut down FIFA 11 (even when challenged about the EU ruling which said they should transfer the licence, it was only talking to someone who still had their soul to sort it).

With EA you pay them for two years and then they want paying again for the next release whether you like it or not.

I'm not going to be mugged by them again, hopefully others don't either.

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If you reward bad behavior, you'll get more bad behavior.

People have been complaining about EA for years, but are still buying their products. The obvious lesson for EA is that treating customers badly leads to more sales. EA will not change until customers change.

I can't believe how much crap people are willing to put up with in order to play a game. It's a game! You don't need it! I can understand putting up with mediocre or annoying software that you need to use to earn a living, but not for entertainment.

EA needs your money, you don't need EA. Spend your money with someone who treats you right.

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(warning, contains the F word)

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Pretty pissed off with the QA on Crysis 3.

I have a system that is more than capable of playing the game at high settings.

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