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Games So, SimCity has been released - the fifth instalment in this venerable series of fantastic games. However, just as everyone suspected, the game has been completely ruined by the always-online DRM. So much so, in fact, that Amazon has ceased selling the game. Update: and it's only getting worse - EA has suspended all marketing efforts for SimCity, and has asked third parties to do the same. Wow.
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RE[2]: what companies listen to
by zztaz on Fri 8th Mar 2013 00:28 UTC in reply to "RE: what companies listen to"
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"they'll just blame declining sales on piracy"

I don't care if they blame declining sales on the Easter Bunny. If people reject DRM and refuse to buy, someone will notice. If people reject buggy software and refuse to buy, someone will notice. It might not be EA, but others will notice.

The problem isn't EA; EA is showing that crippled games can make money. If we don't want DRM, we need to show that it hurts sales. EA has no reason to change if we keep giving them our money. If we don't change our behavior, they won't change theirs.

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lucas_maximus Member since:

Steam does DRM right.

EA and UPlay are joining up because they can't beat steam on the PC.

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Wafflez Member since:
2011-06-26 is doing DRM right, Steam blows.

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ze_jerkface Member since:

Steam does DRM right.

How so when it doesn't keep the games from being pirated? What is right about it?

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