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Apple John Siracusa: "On paper, the Mac Pro may no longer be a viable product, but it would be a mistake for Apple to abandon the concept that it embodies. Like the Power Mac before it, the Mac Pro was designed to be the most powerful personal computer Apple knows how to make. That goal should be maintained, even as the individual products that aim to achieve it evolve." I agree wholeheartedly. The Mac Pro - and the PowerMac before it - are amazing products, and I would be quite sad to see them go. They may not always lead the pack in performance, but when it comes to sheer engineering and interior design, they are among the very best. I have zero need for a Mac Pro, but to this day, I always take a few minutes to admire it whenever I pay a visit to my Apple retailer.
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The old apple...
by tomz on Sat 9th Mar 2013 00:04 UTC
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XServe was insanely grate as was the Mac Pro (I have a dual G5 still). But there is a syndrome that makes one conservative, jealous, and inward looking - which works if you are the warden of a prison farm (walled gardens aren't surrounded by razor wire).

They are moving to make the Mac mini and MacBook into iOS like appliances, even if they run OS/X. The point now is to lock people into iCloud and the ecosystem.

No insane greatness. Merely tyranny with the portrait and books of the old dear leader in forced reverence.

Microsoft started its death spiral (slowly and invisibly) when it decided to make things hard for Palm and Netscape instead of making Windows CE and IE so much better - and they could given their resources.

Apple should dump the rest of their engineering staff, and make their "one ring" headquarters into a lawyer's paradise in the land of Cupertino where the shadows lie (of that which once was great).

(I suspect some makers with laserpointers, mirrors, and servos will project elvish letters on the edifice when it is sufficiently complete). The only thing worse would be a dome with a parabolic depression, but AT&T already stole the death-star.

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