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Windows "A senior Samsung Electronics executive said Friday the launch of Windows 8 has failed to bolster demand for PCs and he does not expect the PC industry to rebound soon." Of course, Samsung and other OEMs could've, you know, built better computers. Just a suggestion.
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Comment by Drumhellar
by Drumhellar on Sat 9th Mar 2013 02:16 UTC
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Never mind that the PC market was already slowing, or the explosive growth in smartphone and tablet sales, or consoles not only becoming the dominant game platforms, but also core media hubs for movies and music.

These factors have nothing to do with slowing computer sales: It's all, solely the fault of Microsoft and Windows 8.

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RE: Comment by Drumhellar
by ze_jerkface on Sat 9th Mar 2013 03:22 in reply to "Comment by Drumhellar"
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Poor reviews are poor reviews. Did you know that Windows 8 has poor reviews compared to Windows 7? This has been true ever since the first preview.

And how do you explain increased sales of non-touch Chromebook and Mac sales the post-pc era?

The excuses are really getting old. The critics were right, next time pay attention when the majority of Microsoft "partners" like myself think their new OS is a joke. Windows 8 is crap, Office 13 is crap, VS 2012 is crap, they're all crap that emanates from letting a Steve Jobs wanna-be run the place. Ballmer doubled-down on Sinofsky and this is what we get. Well we warned you.

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RE[2]: Comment by Drumhellar
by bentoo on Sat 9th Mar 2013 19:05 in reply to "RE: Comment by Drumhellar"
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And how do you explain increased sales of non-touch Chromebook and Mac sales the post-pc era?

Explain what, blind fanboy speculation? Google doesn't release Chromebook sales numbers and Mac sales are 20% over the past year.

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