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Apple John Siracusa: "On paper, the Mac Pro may no longer be a viable product, but it would be a mistake for Apple to abandon the concept that it embodies. Like the Power Mac before it, the Mac Pro was designed to be the most powerful personal computer Apple knows how to make. That goal should be maintained, even as the individual products that aim to achieve it evolve." I agree wholeheartedly. The Mac Pro - and the PowerMac before it - are amazing products, and I would be quite sad to see them go. They may not always lead the pack in performance, but when it comes to sheer engineering and interior design, they are among the very best. I have zero need for a Mac Pro, but to this day, I always take a few minutes to admire it whenever I pay a visit to my Apple retailer.
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RE: My Mac Pro
by laffer1 on Sat 9th Mar 2013 23:46 UTC in reply to "My Mac Pro"
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I have a Mac Pro 1,1 that I'm preparing to sell. It was my wife's desktop for a long time. She wanted a decent gamer rig for WoW and software development.

The machine was a dual socket 2 x 2.0 Ghz system and I've been able to upgrade it like crazy. It has 7GB of RAM, a Radeon 5700 (upgraded from 1900), and I even upgraded the CPUs to 2 x 1.8Ghz quad core 5300 series xeons. The only problem with this system is the 32bit EFI.

After seeing benchmarks of the Mac mini quad core vs the newer Mac Pro, I decided to "upgrade" to a mac mini in december. The system is much quieter than a Mac Pro but I do miss the internal drive bays.

I realized that I can buy a Mac Mini every other year for the cost of a Mac Pro entry level over a 5 year period.

Had Apple upgraded the Mac Pro to a sandy or ivy bridge xeon I would have bought one in a second. I just can't justify buying such outdated technology when the iMac and Mini are better.

Apple has a huge problem as they don't have real developer hardware anymore.

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RE[2]: My Mac Pro
by ggeldenhuys on Sun 10th Mar 2013 14:01 in reply to "RE: My Mac Pro"
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Apple has a huge problem as they don't have real developer hardware anymore.

I fully agree with that! Considering that you can only develop Mac or iOS software on a Mac (legally), they better give developers decent developer hardware.

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RE[3]: My Mac Pro
by zima on Wed 13th Mar 2013 19:45 in reply to "RE[2]: My Mac Pro"
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Hackintoshes are generally quite legal in many places, NVM what Apple EULA says...

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