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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's VP of Product, has revealed that the not-for-profit organization is not going to build an iOS version of its Firefox web browser as long as Apple doesn't mend its unfriendly ways towards third party browsers." So that would most likely be never.
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RE[5]: Makes sense...
by Nelson on Mon 11th Mar 2013 04:19 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Makes sense..."
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Its an issue of practicality. How practical is it to upend the entire platform of the OS, replace it with WebKit, just for the sake of running a third party browser?

They are effectively the same thing. Mozilla getting a pass is a disgusting double standard.

But I get it. Apple bad. Mozilla good. That's essentially what your argument boils down too, once you look past you splitting hairs.

Apple's policy is effectively a restriction on developers, just like their policy on certain forms of multitasking, on certain types of adult content, and on certain restricted APIs.

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