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Games "To see anyone defending EA and Maxis for the state of SimCity, even were it in perfect working order on launch, depresses me to my core. This self-flagellation-as-skincare notion, where gamers loudly and proudly defend the destruction of their own rights as consumers, is an Orwellian perversity. That it might be considered in any way controversial to call them out on their crap, to point out that no, always-on DRM is not an advantage to anyone, is bewildering. It's a sign of just how far the gaming world has fallen into the rabbit hole of the publisher's burrowing." As usual, RPS hits the nail on the head so hard it shoots through the board.
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The third, and as far as the [objective] published research shows, much in the minority, are those who could and would have bought it, but can get it for free, so they do.

Which objective research? What is your excuse for $50 PC games that have majority piracy rates and yet require a $1000+ PC? Are those teens able to afford the gaming PC but not the games?

There has been research published (albeit specifically about the music industry) showing that the second group are much greater in number than the third and actually contribute extra sales, rather than the company losing sales.

I really don't care about dubious piracy studies that depend on asking pirates how much they buy. It should be obvious that any such study is flawed since it depends on people breaking the law to be honest, especially when it is in their best interest to depict themselves favorably. It's just as silly as trying to determine if racism is a problem by polling a group of white people and asking if they are racist.

But thanks for proving my point about the PC having a culture of piracy that is defended. I've never seen an Xbox forum thread where pirates are rationalized as teenagers, the poor, etc. When Microsoft ban-hammers pirates the response is supportive.

Do you deny that PC games regularly have pirates rates of over 50%?

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