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Google Andy Rubin, who created Android and has led its development both at Android Inc. and later at Google, has decided to step down as the big Android boss at Google. Having created the world's "most-used mobile operating system", as Google CEO Larry Page refers to it, I'd say his stint has been successful. Interestingly enough, he will be succeeded by Sundar Pichai - Chrome OS boss. Yes.
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I am still wondering if Google eventually transitions from Java based environment to something else as result from the issues with Oracle.

Maybe this will be part of such transition.

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I hope so, as long as the "something else" isn't Dart/GWT.

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Dart for native applications would be quite nice, a kind of Smalltalk feel to native applications.

Now for GWT I fully agree with you.

As for Go, although I did create an issue for NDK support, I hope it does not become the main language, unless they get around adding generics.

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Why are you feeding the troll? Not even inventive...

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