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Google Andy Rubin, who created Android and has led its development both at Android Inc. and later at Google, has decided to step down as the big Android boss at Google. Having created the world's "most-used mobile operating system", as Google CEO Larry Page refers to it, I'd say his stint has been successful. Interestingly enough, he will be succeeded by Sundar Pichai - Chrome OS boss. Yes.
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Why generics? Go has interface types for polymorphism.

Performance and avoidance of type casts everywhere in what is supposed to be generic code.

Go mailing list has almost a new thread every day about these type of issues.

Personally, for client-side GUI development I'd prefer something more along the lines of Python or Ruby. Or Moonscript! In a perfect world, provide a LuaJIT runtime for compilers to target, providing a more flexible platform like JVM or CLR.

I prefer languages that allow for a combination of AOT compilation for distribution and a JIT for development time.

Sadly there aren't many with such type of implementation available in the mainstream.

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Google would solve its issues if it went with Mono and their excellent Android bindings.

It ticks off every check box. (And as an added bonus, ticks off some fanatics out there, which obviously makes me happy)

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Google would solve its issues if it went with Mono and their excellent Android bindings.

Not really. Between Microsoft and Oracle, I'm not sure who I'd rather have after me.

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