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Qt "For this preliminary release, we are focusing on the developer experience, working to enable Qt developers to easily run and test their applications on Android devices. While there's nothing preventing you from deploying your app to an app store with Qt 5.1, we're recommending that people wait until Qt 5.2 before they do that, as we'd like to put some more work into improving that experience: making more options for how your app is deployed, adding more polish in general, and adding more support for Android APIs, both by allowing you to extend your app with Java code or by mapping them in C++ APIs, whichever makes the most sense."
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RE: Hmmm ....
by dragos.pop on Thu 14th Mar 2013 08:03 UTC in reply to "Hmmm ...."
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This is interesting. So you can build an app using QT that runs on phones, tablets, and desktops? I thought I recall in Windows 8/RT discussions, when I asked why hasn't Microsoft done this, the feedback I got was that it wasn't practical.

It depends, but Ubuntu tries to do the same... based on QT/QML.

1) Adroid has batter layout utilities for adapting
layout to multiple screen dimensions (fragments, layout definitions for different resolution and dpi...)
* Of course, you can find ways to implement this in QT, but not in a nice way as in Android
2) You need to take into consideration the different input

This are not huge problems, with a little effort from the developer they can be easily solved.

Of course, porting a complex app, and use the same code will never be possible.

You can (even today) program the business logic in C++, and the interface for each platform, and this is actually the best way to go, since you can control how the info is displayed based on each platform HUG.

But for small apps this is possible with different toolkit like (but not restricted to) QT.

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