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Google In all honesty, this has taken far longer than I anticipated. Google, the world's largest internet advertising company, has removed several popular ad-blocking tools from the Play Store. While they are technically in the right to do so - they violate the Play Store developer distribution agreement - it's still a bit of a dick move. Luckily, though, unlike some other platforms, you can easily sideload the adblockers onto your Android device.
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RE[2]: Open when it suits you
by bowkota on Thu 14th Mar 2013 21:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Open when it suits you"
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Nope as long as you're using Google services on Android it's definitely not open.

It's hilarious how some people will be the first to call out Apple fanboys on agreeing on everything the company does (obviously that's silly) and at the same time try to convince themselves and others in every way that Android/Google is open.

Oh the irony.

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Your comment is a reply to mine, but actually has absolutely nothing to do with said comment.

So I don't really know what you're talking about.

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