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Google Andy Rubin, who created Android and has led its development both at Android Inc. and later at Google, has decided to step down as the big Android boss at Google. Having created the world's "most-used mobile operating system", as Google CEO Larry Page refers to it, I'd say his stint has been successful. Interestingly enough, he will be succeeded by Sundar Pichai - Chrome OS boss. Yes.
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iOS isn't larger by any measure. It's used more to browse websites.

I provided evidence showing as much. What have you provided?

And just like claiming that iOS devices should be counted as PCs, you are making a statement full of deceit.

I made no such comment (in this thread)

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I provided evidence showing as much. What have you provided?

You gave an example where Android users browse the web less - I concur with that.

Then you made a false claim based on data that is no way representative of your statement.

IDC and Gartner say that Android is bigger. Google says that Android is bigger(over 750mil devices activated to date, compared to 550 mil iOS devices).
Android has a larger install base. Android has a larger market share(We're talking global here).
All corroborated by numerous independent sources.

I made no such comment (in this thread)

That was an example of a deceitful statement, I was not even attributing that to you.

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