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Apple Apple's Phil Shiller has been trash-talking Android in the press these past few days - just as Samsung is about to launch its Galaxy S4. "Public, preemptive slamming of a competitor is far outside Apple's PR wheelhouse; it's a dramatic shift for a company used to making news rather than reacting to it. But why is it happening?" The Verge hits the nail on the head: "Cupertino's behavior this week is yet another symptom of Samsung's stratospheric rise in the smartphone market globally, a rise that challenges Apple and has outright stifled Android competitors like HTC and Sony."
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RE: it's all about the software
by chithanh on Fri 15th Mar 2013 15:17 UTC in reply to "it's all about the software"
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Hardware on mobile devices has peeked, we have reached a point where the processors are fast enough, 2GB RAM is good enough for multitasking,

2GB RAM is currently a limitation of the 32-bit ARM architecture. Theoretically it can address more but practically that is infeasible. It likely won't be 4GB until next year when we start seeing 64-bit ARM CPUs.

The CPU itself is not fast enough for certain functions. E.g. you can remove faces (photobombing) from pictures but not from videos.

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thats true regarding removing items/people from video. However the majority i would say it's powerful enough. I have a Galaxy Note2 and a Galaxy Note 10.1 (Phone and tablet) and each has 2GB RAM and with each ive never had a problem with performance.

I switch quite a bit between Camera, email, gmail, currents, chrome, gallery, twitter, evernote and SNote and never had a stutter, that also includes when im multitasking.

I see 2GB being a good amount for a good while yet,

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Yes, but RAM also uses up the precious power budget. There is in fact no point in caching a whole application inside the RAM if you just need a background thread to do perform some simple, non-visual tasks such as downloading.

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