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Apple Apple's Phil Shiller has been trash-talking Android in the press these past few days - just as Samsung is about to launch its Galaxy S4. "Public, preemptive slamming of a competitor is far outside Apple's PR wheelhouse; it's a dramatic shift for a company used to making news rather than reacting to it. But why is it happening?" The Verge hits the nail on the head: "Cupertino's behavior this week is yet another symptom of Samsung's stratospheric rise in the smartphone market globally, a rise that challenges Apple and has outright stifled Android competitors like HTC and Sony."
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A rich one I guess. And businesses.

But that's why I mentioned that the iMac never was/is the success the iPod, iPhone and iPad were/are: for most people it was too expensive.

I could afford one in 1998, but I was in to Windows and Linux, not seeing a need for one and only tried it when I could get one for free.

For Apple, despite not selling loads, it was/is a success as they turn in a nice profit.

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I had a similar setup.

But never managed to convince myself to buy one, despite being tempted with the idea several times, because of the price and the type of hardware you get for it.

Since I am into gaming, Macs were (are) always into the loosing end, because you cannot get the same type of hardware setup with them.

For example, my gaming laptop was 1000€ cheaper than the 17" Apple offering which was the only model offering a similar graphics card/CPU combo.

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Yes, if you're in to gaming a Mac isn't a very good choice.

I'm not in to modern games anyway and play on my iPhone, iPad, Amiga 1200, Commodore 64 and Atari 2600.

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