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Google Andy Rubin, who created Android and has led its development both at Android Inc. and later at Google, has decided to step down as the big Android boss at Google. Having created the world's "most-used mobile operating system", as Google CEO Larry Page refers to it, I'd say his stint has been successful. Interestingly enough, he will be succeeded by Sundar Pichai - Chrome OS boss. Yes.
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So we stole a lot of code from Sun which luckily had a management about to throw in the towel and and who didn't have a clue what we were up to.

Google did not steal a darn thing from Sun or Oracle.

Sun open sourced Java! The original argument about a license was for a license to use the Java(tm) logo which google never needed because they don't advertise Android as being Java. I've never seen a java logo on an Android phone or in the OS.

Oracle tried to change the rules after the fact when they sued Google over Java APIs.

What Oracle tried to pull would be like AT&T suing Apple and any other company that used BSD Unix for not having a license for various Unix APIs even though they are following the BSD License.

It was a joke and Oracle deserved to lose.

the only people I've ever met who think Oracle had a valid claim are clueless Apple fans who don't even understand the fscking industry and the damage an Oracle win would have done.

Piss off.

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