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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Yesterday, during the most insane launch event in the history of technology, Samsung unveiled its next big flagship, the Galaxy S4. I really couldn't care less about this new phone - another plastic phone that looks exactly like its predecessor - but the flurry of interviews with Samsung executives that followed is far more interesting. With them, Samsung has repositioned Tizen - and if you connect the dots, something interesting is starting to appear.
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About apps
by Zlogic on Fri 15th Mar 2013 19:04 UTC
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Even if Samsung achieves compatibility with most Android apps, they still need to convince app developers to publish stuff in their store in addition to Google Play. Since nowadays everything is about app stores you can't simply download an app from the publisher's website and copy to a device, and obtaining Google Play access on a device not blessed by Google is out of the question.

And if anyone used a cheap Chinese Android device, Android is much less usable without Google's online services.
Why Samsung should be developing a new OS instead of simply replacing Google services with their own in stock AOSP Android?
If they don't like releasing device updates to the latest Android version or following Google's guidelines, just wait until they try
- developing their own map solution
- convincing major email providers to open proper access
- negotiating with hundreds of major app developers to publish their Android apps in Samsung's store
- organizing payments for their app store in the countries where the phones are sold

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RE: About apps
by KLU9 on Fri 15th Mar 2013 19:34 in reply to "About apps"
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Not having used Google Play or the alternatives, I can only go by reports.

Which seem to indicate that life without Google Play is definitely possible, the example being China, where Android usage vastly outstrips iOS, WP, BB etc but Google Play use is minimal. Already 140 million Android users there, with probable growth in the next few years of at least dozens of millions per year.

Chinese users seem to prefer competition rather than being locked into one walled garden of an official app store, be it Google Play, iTunes etc

Some articles from Tech in Asia on this:

"Dear Apple, Amazon, Google: Here’s Why Chinese Consumers Hate Your Ecosystems"

"10 Alternative Android App Stores From China"

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RE[2]: About apps
by robojerk on Fri 15th Mar 2013 20:15 in reply to "RE: About apps"
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Didn't Baidu (owned by Chinese gov?) fork Android awhile back?

I assumed (never been to China) that Baidu would be the king of the Android clones over there since they have a huge amount of influence.

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RE[2]: About apps
by Zlogic on Fri 15th Mar 2013 22:59 in reply to "RE: About apps"
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I'm not familiar with the Chinese market but one would assume that heavy competition is expected because:
1) There's no official Google Play operating in China: (possibly because Google stopped operating in China).
2) No store can be named "official" and be popular simply because they're "default". So they have to compete in order to gain users.

I'm saying this because I once tried to switch to Windows Phone from Android and found a lot of apps I took for granted was missing, and most of it was Google services like Goggles, Maps, bookmark sync, Latitude, Talk and the Gmail client.

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RE[2]: About apps
by JAlexoid on Fri 15th Mar 2013 23:02 in reply to "RE: About apps"
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Chinese users seem to prefer competition rather than being locked into one walled garden of an official app store, be it Google Play, iTunes etc

And are you saying that the fact that Google Play(and other Google services) barely works in China has no bearing on that? Google does not sell apps in China though Google play. Google search is heavily restricted. GMail connections are monitored.Barely usable is a compliment, but Google is hardly to blame...

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RE[2]: About apps
by pos3 on Sat 16th Mar 2013 14:59 in reply to "RE: About apps"
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Android is huge in India. But nobody would buy a mobile without Play Store.Cheap Chinese made mobiles/tablets all come with play store.

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RE: About apps
by dsmogor on Sat 16th Mar 2013 17:37 in reply to "About apps"
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If any company its positioned to do that its indeed Samsung. They have very cosy relationships with carriers (evidenced by relative success of bada), the utter numeric domination, so its actually more probable that SW houses would be tempted to go easy compatibility route and only support their devices skipping play market altogether. If that covered close to 50% it could actually be viable economically.

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