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Mac OS X Apple has released OS X 10.8.3. The biggest improvement is Windows 8 support in Boot Camp - although Windows 7 drivers seemed to work fine as well for running Windows 8 on Macs (or so I've read). You know how to get it.
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by darknexus on Sat 16th Mar 2013 12:48 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: File:///"
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I found ML faster and more responsive and better with memory than SL

And more stable as well, which I'm sure is related to the memory management improvements among other things. I know everyone else seems to think sl is some sort of gold standard, but I had nothing but crashes and freezes with it that I never could diagnose. Lion and ml, on the other hand, have been rock solid for me as were Leopard and Tiger back in the day. I had enough stability problems with sl that it drove me to Windows for a while, that's how bad it was for me. I was glad to switch back when Lion came out and did away with those stability issues.

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by redshift on Sun 17th Mar 2013 02:58 in reply to "RE[4]: File:///"
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I have had exactly the opposite experience.... I have found ML releases to be way more buggy than any of the releases since before Tiger. They have added way too many useless and ass-backwards features when they should have been improving networking and replacing the filesystem. It seems like their A-team works on iOS these days, and OSX is left to the B-team.

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by darknexus on Sun 17th Mar 2013 22:17 in reply to "RE[5]: File:///"
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I do agree that it's gotten more bloated with features that aren't necessary. The problem is, that applies to just about every graphical os out there be it OS X, Windows, Ubuntu, iOS, Android, etc. Unless you want to use only the CLI, you end up with feature bloat over time and, unfortunately, using nothing but textual terminals isn't possible with today's modern web and applications. It's a shame too, because if I could stay in the CLI for everything I'd never use a GUI again.

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