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Apple Every year on World Consumer Rights Day (March 15), government-controlled China Central Television (CCTV) broadcasts a special report (in Chinese) damning companies for abusing Chinese consumers. This year the targets included Apple. Apple was accused of giving Chinese consumers worse service than customers in other countries, specifically of giving them replacements that included cases from their old phone, while customers in the UK would get a 100% new product.
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A big part of present & past actions are definitely about patent fees, I agree.

But Android (which is their main worry, link in FP) is given away free (and I don't think Chinese companies have made patent-troll-appeasement deals with Microsoft the way Samsung et al. have).

So I feel it's more about wanting to shape the future in a way they can control or at least restrain. Perhaps an analogy is their attitude to the internet/web. They don't block it completely, but they do impose restrictions, throttles and *some* blocks on foreign players to shape it more to their liking.

Seeing how important the mobile net/web is becoming (and how many mobile apps exist to circumvent existing party/govt controls), I suspect they'd like to do the same with that. And they understand just what a big part the OS provider plays in shaping the user's access & experience (basically the same reasons why Google makes & gives away a mobile OS in the first place).

They'd much rather that level of influence over the end user was in the hands of someone they can control i.e. a domestic company.

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That's just the original poster's interpretation (through his rose-tinted glasses), if you actually read the original source in Chinese, you would understand this is not likely part of a government-backed media campaign

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Then what do you feel is the reason for the Ministry trying to promote Chinese alternatives to Android?

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