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Windows "Microsoft today announced via its website the general availability of the Windows Embedded 8 family of operating systems. Extending Windows 8 technologies to a spectrum of edge devices, Windows Embedded 8 helps enterprises capitalize on the Internet of Things with the platform to capture, analyze and act on valuable data across IT infrastructures." So, this is NT-based, and not CE-based, right? Even though I'm currently researching and writing about Psion and Symbian, I'm dreading the day I have to sort through the mess that is Microsoft's mobile and embedded systems. Just check the page for Windows Embedded 8, and look at those names. The heck?
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by robojerk on Wed 20th Mar 2013 22:56 UTC
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I am actually disappointed of the lack of an ARM based version of Windows Embedded 8.

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RE: Disappointed
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 20th Mar 2013 23:08 in reply to "Disappointed"
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Yeah, what - the - heck? Is that Microsoft's way of saying " Just use something else and leave us alone"?

Or is it just a protection from a third party taking windows 8 embedded for arm and creating a decent full windows 8 tablet that includes a fully functional desktop interface? There used to be cheap-o arm based laptops that ran windows CE skinned to look like windows xp. Maybe this is there way of preventing more confusion than there already is?

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RE[2]: Disappointed
by robojerk on Wed 20th Mar 2013 23:28 in reply to "RE: Disappointed"
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I don't think how there could be confusion for "embedded" customers. How often do you see embedded PC's at Best Buy, Frys, etc. None. embedded customers are usually IT people. I think if a customer expecting a full blown version of Windows bought an embedded version, they'd probably figure out they messed up pretty quick, I can't even install Adobe Reader XI on a Windows 7 Embedded OS without it complaining.

We're going to be deploying more thin clients here at my work. If they were going to release an ARM based version of embedded so I could run Vmware View, RDP, Citrix, or just browse the web I would definitely be interested (as long as the client I needed supported ARM).. Cheaper hardware, less energy, less heat.

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RE[2]: Disappointed
by TechGeek on Thu 21st Mar 2013 03:55 in reply to "RE: Disappointed"
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Microsoft doesn't want to compete in the cheap space. And really, there is no amount they can charge that will beat free, so why bother? I have no idea why anyone would use this over Linux. Chances are its artificially crippled so as not to displace any other products, much like their starter or home editions. Just a waste of time.

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RE: Disappointed
by robojerk on Wed 20th Mar 2013 23:25 in reply to "Disappointed"
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We can do some amazing things with devices like RaspberryPi. I think we're now reaching the point in computing where making specific,little computers that serve the need of a single person can be done by a laymen with a little bit of education (trip to book store/amazon).

Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft will ever make free, or really really cheap ($5-$10/license?) but completely torn down version of Windows (similar to PE) for enthusiasts/modding/education to compete with Linux in that area. It looks like a "no" in this iteration. I think if Microsoft made an embedded version of Windows like that it would at least be another option for people that like tinker, or have a specific need not being filled, and if someone's hobby ever went into mass production it could lead to license sales for them.

Oh well, Linux/FreeBSD, etc still works, is free, and completely customizable.

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