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OSNews, Generic OSes Change platforms. Whenever you can. Ever since I got into computing, I've lived according to a very simple adage: change platforms all the time. For reasons I won't go into, the importance of this adage was reaffirmed today, and I figured I'd share it with you all - and hopefully, get a few of you to follow this adage as well.
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As you get older your ability to learn new stuff diminishes.

The few studies I've read somewhere say that your ability to learn new stuff diminishes only very little as you age as long as you don't actually develop some mental or physical effects that would decrease it further. According to the studies it mostly comes down to your inclination for learning stuff as generally you already know so much at an old age that you may not feel the need to continue learning more.

I don't know whether to believe the studies or not and be it as it may, I will try my hardest to continue learning things as long as I live and breathe. I love learning stuff and I value highly the ability for us humans to continue to improve ourselves as people and, well, learning new stuff and expanding our view of the world around us is one of the best ways of doing that.

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