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Apple The Verge on the new version of Apple's Podcasts application: "For starters, Apple has removed the universally-panned 'tape deck' UI element that could be found when playing back a podcast." An angel got its wings today.
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Calm down
by wocowboy on Fri 22nd Mar 2013 10:07 UTC
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Oh yeah, I just HATED that I was forced to look at that godawful skeuomorphic (sp?) tape deck all the time, it just hurt my eyeballs. How could Apple force that on users all the time. Tape decks went out of style and use 30 years ago, don't force me to look at them again and bring back all those bad memories.

Give me a break, Apple did NOT force that on anyone. The tape deck was behind a panel that users had to slide to ever see the thing. If they didn't want to look at they didn't have to, it wasn't forced on anyone. I didn't want to look at it all the time, but once in a while it was sortof cool to watch. But it was an OPTION, not default behaviour, so give it a rest.

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RE: Calm down
by henderson101 on Fri 22nd Mar 2013 11:13 in reply to "Calm down"
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Plus, any podcast listener worth their salt was already using Downcast or similar. It's not like Apple's podcast app was even vaguely the first alternative to syncing with iTunes.

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