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Google "Google's Chrome and Android operating systems will remain separate products but could have more overlap, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said, a week after the two came under a single boss." That's that, then.
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RE[4]: At least
by FunkyELF on Fri 22nd Mar 2013 15:37 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: At least"
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"Meanwhile companies keep on switching back to native after discovering HTML5 is just a fad and the support is still quite far from what native offers.

The problem is that to get to a point where the HTML5 app is similar to the native one, they need to spend way more time and money.
It's not looking promising any time soon.

Wait? You're telling me it costs more money to develop an application using...
* a web server
* Server side code (PHP)
* JavaScript
... than it is to develop a Java application?

Say it ain't so.

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