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Windows Paul Thurrot: "Tipped off by a reader, I checked my System log in Event Viewer today and what did I find but a stack of pending updates for all of the core apps in Windows 8. I'm not 100 percent sure this is what I think it is. But if we're right, it looks like 18 of the core apps in Windows 8 are about to get updated. Or, almost all of them." Foley confirms it. By far Windows 8's weakest link, so I'm hoping this is true. Especially the Mail application is dreadful.
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RE: Comment by Nelson
by toast88 on Sat 23rd Mar 2013 21:22 UTC in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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This is the advantages of the new Windows Store application model -- apps can be updated independently of the OS out of band.

Cool, so Microsoft is now somewhat up to par with 20-year-old Linux distributions ;) .


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RE[2]: Comment by Nelson
by moondevil on Sun 24th Mar 2013 06:43 in reply to "RE: Comment by Nelson"
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20 years ago there were not repositories like now.

You just had a set of floppies or CDs with the Linux distribution.

Most people, when they had a network connection, if at all, it was a modem based one.

If you could afford it it would be up to 56000 baud, or the double if your ISP offered the double modem links.

You would pay per minute or network traffic.

The only distributions that did automatic updates were the Debian based ones. RPM and tgz based distributions did not had any way to automatically download dependencies.

So on those days most people tracked down packages, which were installed manually. Mostly by bringing them from work or university "high speed" connections and installing them at home.

As for package format, even Windows has them since the Windows 2000 days.

And lets not forget that commercial UNIX systems still don't have automatic package downloads like apt get, except for Solaris if I am not mistaken.

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RE[2]: Comment by Nelson
by viton on Sun 24th Mar 2013 11:40 in reply to "RE: Comment by Nelson"
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