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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu This could potentially be quite big for Ubuntu and Linux in general. Canonical and the Chinese government have announced a collaboration to build a version of Ubuntu specifically for the Chinese market, which will become the reference architecture for standard operating systems in the country.
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RE[3]: Moral issues
by nej_simon on Sun 24th Mar 2013 10:35 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Moral issues"
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What I find utterly unbelievable is that the angry mobs come out in force when Ubuntu sends search queries to Amazon, but not when it sends search queries to a Chinese video sharing site. The angry mobs come out when Ubuntu writes a new display server, but not when Canonical jumps into bed with the Chinese government. This China deal has the potential for much bigger privacy violations - and not just in China - than any US shopping site can cause.

I like Unity, so I think I'm moving to Linux Mint where presumably I can still install Unity. I know Mint's founder is anti-Israel and doesn't want anyone to use his distro unless they share his political opinions, but I figure he's less of a threat to me than Ubuntu.

People are angry because search queries are sent to third parties, not amazon in particular.

And about Mir and the chinese government? Those are completely unrelated issues.

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