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In the News "An incident at the annual Python developer conference has led to allegations of sexism, death threats, the firings of two people, and - apparently - multiple DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks." Absolutely bizarre.
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RE: Wait, WTF?
by Kochise on Mon 25th Mar 2013 16:08 UTC in reply to "Wait, WTF?"
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"dongle" was dick-joke related, "fork" wasn't. Even at a professional convention, if people cannot speak privately and getting light, perhaps while waiting for the speaker to start, then what's up ? You shouldn't get easy while taking a sip front of the coffee machine, because someone might hear you, and you're in your office ? Cannot talk about private stuff at the firm's restaurant because you're under contract and cannot talk freely ?

The guys were in the crowd, watching, waiting, feeling loosy, not on stage speaking on the microphone. Please make the difference. Adria went into a personal vendetta she has made of her agenda. She is an "attention whore" and every opportunity is seized to write a blog post about it, to show up to the front and voice her opinion, whenever she have one.

Humility is obviously not her best quality, since she displays so much will for driving the world her way.

Adria shouldn't feels like Daria, and relax things a bit.


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RE[2]: Wait, WTF?
by Gullible Jones on Mon 25th Mar 2013 16:18 in reply to "RE: Wait, WTF?"
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LOL @ "attention whore." Sit back and think for a minute about what you just called her, please. Then tell me if that wasn't a bit messed up.

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RE[3]: Wait, WTF?
by Kochise on Mon 25th Mar 2013 16:29 in reply to "RE[2]: Wait, WTF?"
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LOL @ "This is public. It's not the place for dick jokes."

Do you really believe so ? Were only coders' jokes permitted ? I bet several other people around the theater were having private conversations during the lecture, perhaps even some making some dirt jokes, BUT! no one decided to make such a big noise and joke-gate about it.

Ever heard of something called the real world outside of your cubicle ? Humans are humans, there was no reasons to go thermonuclear on this, PyCon ain't Afghanistan's hills.


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