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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Time for a correction - unlike what we linked to earlier, there's no official CyanogenMod position on whether or not they're going to support the Galaxy S4. "This morning, a comment from a CM collaborator on XDA was taken to be as an 'absolute' in regards to support of the S4. He offered the opinion of four TeamHacksung maintainers, their frustrations and lack of interest in supporting the S4. What's seemingly lost on those reading this is that his comments as an individual do not speak for CyanogenMod as an organization. As for the team's stance on the S4, there isn't one at this time, and most definitely won't be one before the device is sold at retail."
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No apology needed.
by crhylove on Tue 26th Mar 2013 06:29 UTC
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You were mostly right. Samsung have been dicks to cm for way too long. Ill buy a nexus next.

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