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Gnome Imendio improves Nautilus on the Novell desktop by providing support for integrated Beagle search functionality. Imendio developed the low level integration and implemented the user interface design from the specifications supplied by Novell. This has resulted in the ability for GNOME users to search for files and folders using their standard file management tool. The results are available in the Nautilus branch called nautilus-search.
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by Hands on Fri 4th Nov 2005 16:40 UTC
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There are purists out there that won't like this, but it shows that Novell hasn't abandoned Gnome since purchasing SUSE. Gnome on SUSE is much better now than it used to be, and this development seems to show that they are continuing to work with it and want to improve it more.

I would also like to make a sidenote in response to the purists. I am very willing to admit that I don't understand all of the legalities surrounding technologies like Mono or Wine (many lawyers don't either), but considering past statements made by MS, it would seem that if they could legally deter the development of Wine they would have done so already. Much of the motivation behind Mono is the same as the motivation behind Wine. People and companies have already dedicated large amounts of resources to MS based products. Migration to GNU/Linux is much more reasonable in the short term if there are mechanisms to facilitate the use of existing resources while being able to explore more native or cross-platform solutions in the long term.

Sorry if that was a bit off topic. I really think integrating Beagle with Nautilus is a neat enhancement to the Gnome desktop.

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