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Windows "According to Kevin Restivo, an analyst at IDC, the countries where Windows Phone shipments exceeded those of iPhone during the fourth quarter were: Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa and Ukraine. A seventh 'country' where Windows Phone shipments beat iPhone is actually a group of smaller countries, including Croatia, that IDC lumps together in a category called 'rest of central and eastern Europe'." Not bad. Unsurprisingly, these are Nokia countries.
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by tomz on Thu 28th Mar 2013 00:26 UTC
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There is a problem with dumping toxic waste and other trash in 3rd world countries.

The title says "Outselling" but the link says "shipments".

Stuffing the channel is not sales, check Communities Dominate Brands.

Of course WP8 is more bland than brand and should be banned.

Someone should pay XDA to see if they can convert the hardware to run Android.

I still have my n810, and would live an n950.

How large is Blackberry's ecosystem?

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by JAlexoid on Thu 28th Mar 2013 00:54 in reply to "SHIPMENTS or SALES?"
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Don't even start. Shipments can't hold high for quarters on end. Stuffing the sales channel is effective only in very short terms(one or two quarters)

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by Tony Swash on Thu 28th Mar 2013 01:11 in reply to "RE: SHIPMENTS or SALES?"
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I think it would be much better if all companies just posted their sales figures, almost none do. How many Kindle's have Amazon sold? Who knows, but occasionally they farcically claim their sales have doubled. How many Nexus devices has Google sold? Nobody knows because they are not telling. What about total sales figures for the Samsung smart phone or tablets? Ditto.

Interestingly on the few occasions that actual figures have been revealed such as during the disclosure process in the Samsung/Apple legal case the real figures are often very unimpressive.

I can't help but feel that when a company does not release sales figures for a high profile product it is because the news is not good.

So when we get this sort of fact free guff from Microsoft my response is simply - tell me how many W8 phones have been have sold or just shut up.

PR minus facts is just wind.

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