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Gnome Imendio improves Nautilus on the Novell desktop by providing support for integrated Beagle search functionality. Imendio developed the low level integration and implemented the user interface design from the specifications supplied by Novell. This has resulted in the ability for GNOME users to search for files and folders using their standard file management tool. The results are available in the Nautilus branch called nautilus-search.
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Mono with gnome ?
by on Fri 4th Nov 2005 17:02 UTC

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So.. mono with nautilus ?
so .. mono with gnome at last ?

time to move away from gnome too bad I like gnome but I don't want mono contaminating gnome or MY desktop

so ...

Good bye Gnome.

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v RE: Mono with gnome ?
by on Fri 4th Nov 2005 17:07 in reply to "Mono with gnome ?"