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3D News, GL, DirectX "Today, we are excited to unlock this technology for high-performance games, by teaming up with Epic Games. By leveraging this new JavaScript optimization technology, Mozilla has been able to bring Epic's Unreal Engine 3 to the Web. With this port, developers will soon be able to explore limitless possibilities when it comes to porting their popular gaming titles to the Web."
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RE: Adobe already did this...
by Beta on Thu 28th Mar 2013 13:35 UTC in reply to "Adobe already did this..."
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It is absolutely 100% rock solid and unfortunately probably a better overall technology than a Javascript/backend server solution.
0% rock solid. Captured this morning on the latest Chromium.

WebGL however hasn’t had any problems in Firefox or Chromium …

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henderson101 Member since:

Which Flash plug-in are you using? Because it requires an extremely recent one to work correctly. That is the major drawback. The multithreading doesn't work well without the correct plug-in, and the single threaded runtime is a lot slower.

I admit, this isn't for everyone. But, it works really well, well enough to run Quake 1 with SDL in an XP virtual machine on a Windows 7 laptop with no lag what so ever. And remember - this isn't a target you have to do a lot of extra work with - the majority of your C and C++ code should work out of the box, so long as you use SDL or one of the other supported frameworks for the graphics. No one is stopping you from porting another tool kit too. That beats javascript every time for me personally. Your mileage might vary.

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Quake 1? That's a really low bar considering that Q3Arena has been available on QuakeLive for several years. I should hope that they could make Q1 run well!

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That beats javascript every time for me personally. Your mileage might vary.

Unfortunately, there are rather large groups of people, who cannot choose their own mileage: iOS users, Linux users, and I'm not even sure if Flash is supported on Android anymore. So HTLM5+JS may be worse, but that's the only platform-agnostic way that's left.

As for my mileage: I hate both; but I still can't wait until this makes it to Firefox stable.

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RE[2]: Adobe already did this...
by RshPL on Thu 28th Mar 2013 17:34 in reply to "RE: Adobe already did this..."
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Same result. I am sure I am using latest Chrome and it should have latest flash. I am using binary NVIDIA drivers so there should be all OpenGL capabilities needed.

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