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Gnome "The GNOME Project has officially released GNOME 3.8 today. This latest version of GNOME 3 delivers major new features, a brand new application and a host of smaller bug fixes and enhancements."
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by judgen on Fri 29th Mar 2013 12:16 UTC
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Finally! Now we can start to fix all the broken themes and extensions YET AGAIN. Gnome project has made it very clear in several of their mailing list post that they wish to kill off 3d party themes and extension projects.
I like software freedom (and some may say freedom and libery in general) and i find gnome to be unfriendly to non-gnome developers in general when trying to add to stuff written by the gnome peeps. Their loss i guess as people leave for more friendly enviroments.

They went from being the most used desktop on *ix with gnome2 to almost obscurity with gnome3. I wish them nothing but the best, but why did they have to alienate EVERYONE from developers to end users. Even corporate entities are refusing gtk3 and gnome3. Not a good sign to come for the project.

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