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Windows "Microsoft has breathlessly announced several new game titles for Windows Phone 8. And once again, Redmond continues to disappoint." I'm lucky not to require too many applications, but this article still hits nails on heads.
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RE[2]: LOL
by bassbeast on Sat 30th Mar 2013 09:32 UTC in reply to "RE: LOL"
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Well I personally think they deserve it, they ignored their users, gave a middle finger to the beta devs, every pundit on the planet they were charging too much for unproven platforms, not to mention making a LOT of folks unhappy with Win 8 which will translate into people who will NOT buy WinPhones and winTabs, and what did they do? Blew everybody off, acted like all they had to do was release it and it would be Windows 95 all over again.

Well sorry Sparky, it ain't 1995 anymore and you have competition which means those customers? You actually have to offer them something they WANT. you could have went smart, did like Apple and had a separate UI for mobile while making interconnectivity even easier than Apple but nope, thought you could sell on bling and a start screen.

Not gonna cut it, not in 2013, you gotta bring your A game but MSFT is acting like a bunch of PHBs, chasing buzzwords that went stale a year ago, two year old games nobody cares about anymore, instead of trying something truly new and different it all feels like ripoffs of last year's ideas.

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