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Linux "Today the ZFS on Linux project reached an important milestone with the official 0.6.1 release! Over two years of use by real users has convinced us ZoL is ready for wide scale deployment on everything from desktops to super computers."
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ZFS user and happy
by jessesmith on Sat 30th Mar 2013 18:39 UTC
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I've been using ZFS on Linux for about a year now and it's been a really good experience. Very stable, low resource usage and the pooling of devices is great. It's so nice to have flexible pools, snapshots and cloning on a Linux box. I know Btrfs will probably get there someday, but it's still in heavy development and I'm not ready to trust Btrfs with important data until it's stable. ZFS fills my needs nicely and permits compatibility between Linux and FreeBSD boxes.

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RE: ZFS user and happy
by Kebabbert on Mon 1st Apr 2013 10:37 in reply to "ZFS user and happy"
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Here is some Linux guys comparing ZFS to BTRFS:

IMO, he has omitted the ability to snapshot and rollback the whole root directory if an upgrade caused problems.

When I boot Solaris, I can choose which snapshot to boot from in GRUB. Each time I do an upgrade, I snapshot. Then I can easily rollback. Or boot into another snapshot to experiment.

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