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Linux "Today the ZFS on Linux project reached an important milestone with the official 0.6.1 release! Over two years of use by real users has convinced us ZoL is ready for wide scale deployment on everything from desktops to super computers."
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It's not a matter of whether it's ready, it's a matter of whether it's any good:

ZFS CLI tools are a dream to use where as Btrfs CLI tools are a pig. ZFS snapshotting is child's play, rolling back snapshots on Btrfs is just awkward in comparison (particularly if the volume is /). There's a few other design decisions behind Btrfs that annoy me, but I really don't want to get into a rant about it tonight ;)

I just really don't like Btrfs one bit so if I had to run a CoW file system like Btrfs or ZFS then I'd sooner run a non-Linux OS and have ZFS than run Btrfs just for the sake of running Linux.

Thankfully I'm just as at home on FreeBSD and Solaris as Linux, so I don't feel as chained to the Linux ecosystem as some *nix administrators do.

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Chained, is a bit to strong, it just makes life easier if the system you know already does everything else you need it to.

For example where I work we have both Debian and OpenBSD for some firewall tasks.

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Chained, is a bit to strong, it just makes life easier if the system you know already does everything else you need it to.

Except my whole point was about how I'd rather run FreeBSD on a file server because Linux CoW file systems are pretty naff in comparison to ZFS; which is the complete opposite of your point about Linux doing everything.

But even that aside, your comment implies that other *nix's don't do everything a sys admin would need them to, which clearly isn't a fair statement. Most of the time it's lack of experience on a platform that leads users into thinking that said platform cannot do a specific task.

Quite frankly, I get a little fed up with just how single minded some within the Linux community are. I mean, I do like Linux, it's a great platform. But it's not the only great *nix platform. Though I guess this is the same grievances the engineers at Sun had and why they pushed for CDDL to be incompatible with GPL.

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