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BeOS & Derivatives "Last Friday Oliver and I met up to discuss the state of things and how we intend to proceed. The run-time support for package management in Haiku (in the package management branch, of course) is in pretty good shape already. With the system itself and all the third-party software living in packages the system boots and is fully functional."
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RE: Ironic
by anevilyak on Sun 31st Mar 2013 20:53 UTC in reply to "Ironic"
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Ironic that things that keep Haiku from Release 1 are 'cruft' left over from its BeOS legacy.

That's not correct, the remaining missing pieces have pretty much nothing to do with R5. The biggest thing keeping us from R1 is plain and simply time and manpower, there aren't all that many of us working on it, and many of those who remain have started families in the intervening years, which drastically cuts down on available free time.

This incessantly repeated meme that R5 compatibility is what slows us down really needs to stop because it's completely wrong. The amount of effort required to maintain that is, and has been for years, negligible.

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