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Apple "Last Friday, The Verge revealed the existence of a dead-simple URL-based hack that allowed anyone to reset your Apple ID password with just your email address and date of birth. Apple quickly shut down the site and closed the security hole before bringing it back online. The conventional wisdom is that this was a run-of-the-mill software security issue. [...] It isn't. It's a troubling symptom that suggests Apple's self-admittedly bumpy transition from a maker of beautiful devices to a fully-fledged cloud services provider still isn't going smoothly. Meanwhile, your Apple ID password has come a long way from the short string of characters you tap to update apps on your iPhone. It now offers access to Apple's entire ecosystem of devices, stores, software, and services."
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RE[4]: it happens to everyone
by Alfman on Tue 2nd Apr 2013 06:36 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: it happens to everyone"
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"A company's only goal is profit - their products are just a by-product of that. If engineering things correctly costs more than the potential cost of fixing things if/when they break; then engineering things correctly is the 'wrong' way to do it."

That's all true, and it wouldn't be a big deal if the company were only putting it's own data at risk. Unfortunately the victim of these poor security measures is often not the company but rather it's customers. Companies should have a responsibility to protect customer data. When a company takes private data and says it will keep it private, it's borderline fraud when they take shortcuts and fail to implement good security practices.

I realize my security demands are futile in modern business where nothing is worth doing right if it can be done wrong for cheaper. But frankly sanitizing input should automatically be standard practice for all developers on all user facing projects without needing to be justified on a balance sheet, sheesh.

I miss the old maxim: If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

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