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Hardware, Embedded Systems AlienWare (so Dell) has just unveiled a gaming PC running Ubuntu and Steam, designed to be hooked up to a TV - essentially a Steambox. "With over 25 gaming titles available and more being added, users can access Steam For Linux to play online games, including your favorite titles like Team Fortress 2 and Serious Sam 3." Everything starts out small, but with Valve going full throttle with this, expect this library to grow.
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RE[3]: More like 100 or so
by WorknMan on Sat 6th Apr 2013 16:43 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: More like 100 or so"
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Why? Its a reasonable machine that doesn't need a lot of horsepower. It will run just as fast 3 years from now as it does today. Not Windows malware or spyware. And Valve has pledged support for it for the future. You also can get a great warranty on a pre built linux workstation which is hard to come by and its got the hardware to do 3d intensive task

I didn't say Linux wasn't up to the task, but for the foreseeable future, games will be ported to Windows first, and Linux... if you're lucky.

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RE[4]: More like 100 or so
by tylerdurden on Sun 7th Apr 2013 19:24 in reply to "RE[3]: More like 100 or so"
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Apparently the trend for the past few years has been to port games to consoles first, and then to windows...

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RE[5]: More like 100 or so
by cdude on Mon 8th Apr 2013 06:49 in reply to "RE[4]: More like 100 or so"
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Apparently consoles and more and more tablets/mobile. The story is changing with customers shifting away en mass from PC to tablets/mobile consumer-devices. That may hit first-ego shooters last but games genres are more then that and lots of them already shifted to more profitable app markets. The future is OpenGL.

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