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Microsoft "After years of domination, Microsoft is finally facing serious threats at the cores of its business, Office and Windows. Consumers and businesses alike are largely purchasing devices based on their capabilities and form factors rather than the software contained within. Windows is slowly becoming commoditized and Microsoft's traditional allies are looking at Android and Chrome OS as viable alternatives, a trend that threatens the Windows monopoly. Microsoft faces a tricky balancing act as it faces a future that's very different from its existing business." Good article by Tom Warren.
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RE[3]: A fork in the road?
by woegjiub on Mon 8th Apr 2013 22:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: A fork in the road?"
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"In short, Microsoft needs to become a software company rather than stay a Windows company.

s/become/go back to being/

Fixed that for you...

They used to be a software company, way back when. Remember Flight Simulator?

This is what happens when someone puts all their eggs in one basket. If it weren't for the Xbox, they'd have a really bleak future. But then again their next system sounds even worse, Windows 8 is horrible, and the list of crappy products goes on.

Microsoft is it's own worse enemy.

I have to disagree here; Blue seems like a great thing, if they can pull it off, and windows 8 is definitely a step in the right direction.

Content needs to use maximum space, so having fluid applications that use the entire screen or tile is definitely advantageous over the archaic floating windows method.

As a GNU/Linux+TWM user, I have to say, I rather think Windows 8 is an improvement over windows 7; you just need to drop the old methods for the more efficient ones (hotkeys, maximised real-estate, etc.)
It's easier said than done, though; look at how strongly people cling to their beloved gnome2 - there are now essentially 4 implementations of it (mate, cinnamon, gnome classic, xfce [arguable, but behaves immensely similarly])

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RE[4]: A fork in the road?
by pandronic on Tue 9th Apr 2013 06:44 in reply to "RE[3]: A fork in the road?"
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Blue seems like a great thing

Metro apps need filesystem access and the ability to truly multitask (and run in the background) like normal apps before anyone can take them seriously.

Also, MS needs to bring back unified search to Windows. The current search is really awful.

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RE[5]: A fork in the road?
by woegjiub on Tue 9th Apr 2013 12:03 in reply to "RE[4]: A fork in the road?"
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I had no idea of those limitations; I was referring to the metro interface and the rapid updates.

Stupid limitations like that need to go, for sure.
I wonder how they thought it was okay, when even android has better.

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