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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The reviews are universally positive, and virtually everyone seems to agree: the HTC One is one heck of an Android device, and quite possibly the best phone currently on the market. Outstanding build quality, great design, fast - and just like the One X before it, it looks like to me it's a far better phone than its Galaxy counterparts. Why, then, is no one buying HTC phones?
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screen and battery
by puidelup on Tue 9th Apr 2013 08:50 UTC
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I chose the S3 over the One X for some subjective and some objective reasons.

- better battery life (the exynos S3 *has* better battery life than the Tegra 3 One X. in my area only these were available)
- better screen (better contrast and saturation, i dont't care for color accuracy. at 720p pentile is a non-issue)

- i expected the s3 to have better CyanogenMod support than the Tegra based one X. I was wrong. Exynos is as much a disaster as Tegra is, from this point of view. (this was the main reason. I got rid of the S3 when I realised it's far from reality)

I have a nexus 4 now and not planing to change it, but if I were to make a choice, I'd pick the S4 over the One for the same reasons: amoled > lcd imho, and I expect the battery life to be better too. (I'd go with the Qualcomm one for CM support)

yes, all the bells and whistles are useless marketing gimmicks, but if you disable them all, ideally install CM, the S3 (and presumable S4) are very good phones.

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