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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The reviews are universally positive, and virtually everyone seems to agree: the HTC One is one heck of an Android device, and quite possibly the best phone currently on the market. Outstanding build quality, great design, fast - and just like the One X before it, it looks like to me it's a far better phone than its Galaxy counterparts. Why, then, is no one buying HTC phones?
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Reasons why I will not buy HTC X One
by hackus on Tue 9th Apr 2013 18:43 UTC
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1) Screen was too small.
2) Didn't see it listed on Cyanogenmod.
3) No removable battery.
4) I write software to run on my phone for personal use.

Seriously, if I am going to pay the sort of money I do for a phone and service, it will do far more than be a phone and it will do it all day long.

No way can an HTC X One little tiny battery run my software I need all day long.

Unlike most people here my other reason is I write software for my phone for personal use.

No removable battery, no deal.

I don't care if it is thin like other iCrap, it has to be on and working for at least 8 hours straight.

Right now I drain my battery in my SIII in about 4 hours.


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